Branch Teacher: Kate Burnett

    • Kate Burnett

Kate's kindness and light-hearted nature shines through and is admired for her wisdom and knowledge.


Kate has been practising and studying Buddhism for many years and she is currently a student on Khedrubje Centre Foundation Programme.

Her teachings are full of wisdom and love, showing people how to weave Buddha’s personal advice into their everyday lives to achieve peace and serenity. Kate’s uses her everyday experiences as a primary school teacher to make her Dharma teachings engaging and interesting for her students. 


In her own words:

"Since becoming interested in meditation and Buddha's teachings, I have experienced how they have the power to really change lives for the better and relieve people of stress and unhappiness. I now have the tools to make myself and others happy. Meditation is beneficial for everyone and  I'm not sure how I ever really managed without it!"


Kate is not currently scheduled to teach any classes