Branch Teacher: Kelsang Topgyal

    • Kelsang Topgyal

Buddhist monk Kelsang Topgyal has studied Buddhism for many years and brings a positive vibe to all he meets.


He often gives practical examples of how to apply Buddhist teachings into everyday life and uses examples from his experiences in a professional capacity to illustrate the teachings clearly. As well as attending many classes, Topgyal is the centre's Education Programme Co-orindator and oversees the spiritual activities of the centre.


In his own words:

"My wish to help as many people as possible to develop a peaceful mind. Buddha's teachings are for everyone, not just buddhist; they intertwine into our everyday lives and modern experiences. Using meditation techniques, we can really find some inner peace and happiness - it is a very powerful tool and I could encourage everyone to try!"

Drop-in Classes taught by Topgyal: