It is very common these days for people to carry a lot of guilt and to be overly self critical. These negative states of mind cause us much unhappiness, unwanted stress and leave us feeling tired and dejected, like we have a huge weight on our shoulders.

On this day course Gen Kelsang Togden will use the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to reveal how modern people like us can free ourselves from these negative habits of mind and the endless turmoil they bring, and therefore make room for a happier, more harmonious life.


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Khedrubje Buddhist Centre
196 Coltman Street
Anlaby Road


For info on this class call: 07783 185 332


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Time & Cost

The timetable is below:

10am: Teaching
11:30am: Coffee break
12:30pm: Meditation
1:00pm: Lunch
3:30pm: Teaching
5:00pm: Finish

Scheduled Dates

  • Sat 24th February
This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Togden

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Gen Togden has been practising meditation and Buddhism for nearly 25 years and has given Dharma teachings in five continents of the world

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