Just as two wings are equally important for a bird to fly, so both Sutra and Tantra are equally important for practitioners seeking enlightenment.With some experience of Buddha’s Lamrim teachings, we can engage in Tantric practice. In this way we develop pure minds leading to the experience of a pure world. This enables us to fulfil our compassionate wish to help all living beings in the quickest and most profound way, and enables us to make a joyful and blissful journey. This teaching will prepare us for the teachings and empowerments to be given at this year’s summer festival at Manjushri, and is also open to anyone who wishes to gain a clearer understanding of this special inner journey


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This event is held at:
Khedrubje Buddhist Centre
196 Coltman Street
Anlaby Road


For info on this class call: 07783 185 332


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  • Evening class
    (£7.00 Per Person)

Starts at 7pm

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This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Rigma

    • Gen Rigma

Gen Rigma has been the main teacher at Khedrubje Buddhist Centre for 20 years, she is known for her clarity and wisdom.

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